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X-Rite Eye One ISIS


Professionals need highly accurate instruments to measure precise colors.


With the new automated i1iSis you’ll no longer waste your valuable time hand-scanning rows or reading individual color patches. i1iSis is an incredible, automated, high-speed chart reader based on X-Rite’s award-winning i1 technology. It’s simple to use - just load and go. Your color is captured and mastered. 

Designed for Automation 
A sleek, precise reader with a tightly engineered form factor and small footprint, i1iSis can provide automated color into your workflow at any point. It’s available in two sizes: standard, which can read A4+ or letter size; and XL for A3+ or tabloid size if you need to read large, comprehensive charts. i1iSis can read an astonishing 2,500 patches printed on a single A3 page! Automation is one of the key benefits of i1iSis, and you’ll find its load and go simplicity amazing. A unique, built-in vision system automatically corrects for chart misalignment so media handling errors and misfeeds are a thing of the past. i1iSis also interprets bar codes to prevent chart ID problems, plus it recognizes the size and type of chart without conversing with your software - it’s got brains on board. 

Because the i1iSis is based on i1 spectral technology, you’ll capture the full spectral data of the charts you measure, assuring the most accurate measurements and profiles. In a single chart measurement cycle you can read both UV-cut and measurements with no filter. 

i1iSis is so fast your color will practically fly off the page. If you’re in a high-production environment or have a need to do lots of calibrations or profiles, i1iSis is for you. It can measure both UV-Cut and No-Filter on 1,500 patches in one cycle in eight minutes. It’s three times faster than an iCColor and 6 times faster than DTP-41. 

Flexible Software Options 
i1iSis works with all major high-end profiling software, such as ProfileMaker 5 and Monaco Profiler. You’ll also be able to use it with a wide-variety of color-enabled workflow solutions and RIPs. Check online for the latest list of third-party support for i1iSis.