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X-Rite Spectro-Eye

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SpectroEye combines the ultimate in measurement accuracy with exceptional ergonomics and user-friendliness. This handheld, portable spectrophotometer offers all the colorimetric functions needed to accurately measure and control special colors, along with all the densitometric functions needed to quickly and easily monitor and control color on-press.

Delivering Highest Measurement Accuracy
With the internal high spectral resolution of 3.3nm, SpectroEye detects even the smallest color deviations. SpectroEye is equipped with ring illumination, so that the positioning direction of the spectrophotometer is not critical. This is crucial when measuring on uncoated substrates. The white reference tile is integrated into the device to ensure optimum measurement accuracy at all times, allowing automatic calibration without user intervention.

Tailored Models for Maximum Productivity
The SpectroEye portfolio provides the broadest range of solutions to match your specific needs. No matter which SpectroEye you select, you can be assured that it will deliver ideal quality control to produce accurate color on-press and reduce pre-production waste.

SpectroEye LT
An affordable, entry-level solution that delivers the primary functions required for process control at the press. SpectroEye LT supports all the densitometric functions from density to trapping, as well as the CIE L*a*b* function. It is the ideal device to check CMYK prints according to ISO standards. SpectroEye LT can easily be upgraded to SpectroEye through the purchase of a software access code. 
Also available in small aperture (SA). (see at bottom for SA description)

Ideal for customers who print CMYK and spot colors, and who track systematic process control. Also for use in QA and ink mixing. Measures standard control bars utilizing 4.5mm aperture.

SpectroEye SA
For customers who have smaller control elements, SpectroEye SA is equipped with an aperture of 3.2mm designed specifically for reading patches as small as 3.5mm. With the identical accuracy of SpectroEye, SpectroEye SA offers customers who work with smaller control elements the option for unparalleled quality control, representing an incredible increase in production power. 
SA also available for SpectroEye LT.