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ProofControl - Verificerer og Certificerer prøvetryk

ProofControl_packageThe proof has acquired a key function in print production. It not only plays a decisive role for color corrections during data preparation, but is also the color

reference when giving the OK for printing and for ink control on the press. If you proof with GMG systems, then you have already opted for top quality. But how

do you communicate it? 

GMG ProofControl helps you do just that. The quality control software for proofs is

a key element in a networked and standardized work environment. It offers you totally new capabilities for color-accurate verification of a proof within seconds.

Target groups

Print buyers, prepress businesses and printers.

Anyone who wants to create a common and reliable basis for communicating color with proofs. 

Remote proofing users.

Production reliability through quality assurance 

GMG ProofControl guarantees reliable and complete quality control based on a defined standard. This is

the only way to ensure that the proof simulates the subsequent printing process as accurately as possible. Marginal anomalies and errors occurring on the proof printer can be detected early on. Expensive imperfect prints and embarrassing complaints from customers are avoided, and customer loyalty is lastingly improved. 

International industry standards incorporated

The proof is verified on the basis of incorporated target values from international industry standards, such as ISO Offset, ISO Newspaper, PSR Gravure (ECI), SWOP, GRACoL and 3DAP. This check is based on a color

control strip that is output with the proof data and with correspondingly adapted colors, such as Fogra Media Wedge, the 3DAP Wedge or SWOP/GRACoL Control Strip.

Automatic evaluation and documentation

After measuring the control strip, the actual values are automatically compared to the stored target values. For all proofs lying within the defined tolerances, a

self-adhesive label is then printed on the label printer that likewise forms part of the system. This label, which shows all the data and measured values of relevance for production, is signed by the user, who attaches it to the corresponding proof. Together with the controlstrip, the label clearly and comprehensively documents the quality of the respective proof. All information, such as actual and target values, and the control reports are

saved in an exportable database.

Incorporation of the latest guidelines

The stored tolerances correspond to the new, tighter guidelines for digital proofs, which are stipulated in ISO Standard 12647-7 and additionally give consideration to differences in hue (hue difference Delta H). Delta H permits statements to be made regarding the exact reproduction of neutral-gray colors in the proof.

Flexibility due to customized quality criteria

You moreover, have the option of customizing your quality criteria. To this end, you can define your own control strips, target values, measuring conditions and tolerances (Delta E color difference formulas to CIE 1976, CIE 1994, CIE 2000 and CMC), which are then used as the basis for verification.

Simple operation and rapid evaluation

Thanks to the intuitive user interface, users need virtually no training before starting to work with GMG ProofControl and can verify a proof in a matter of

seconds. The scope of supply optionally includes the Eye-One or DTP20 spectrophotometer from X-Rite. The measuring instrument integrated in the new HP Zx100 series is also supported.

More information on GMG ProofControl is available from your graphic arts dealer or at