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Ugra Proof and Print Certification Tool (UPPCT)

UPPCT is a software to measure and certify proofs and prints and to judge their quality. 


Features at a glance:

• UPPCT measures diverse wedges
• UPPCT performes standard evaluations according to ISO 12647-2 and ISO 12647-3 for print
• UPPCT performes standard evaluations according to ISO 12647-7 for proofs
• UPPCT performes evaluations according to Ugra specifications for proofs
• UPPCT makes a judgement of all measured values

Supported Wedges

• Ugra/Fogra Media Wedge V3, Media Wedge V2.x 1-row, Media Wedge V2.x 2-rows
• System Brunner Proofzebrastrip
• Idealliances ISO 12647-7 Strip
• mediaNOVA Strip
• ECI/bvdm TVI 10
• 10-Step-TVI-Wedge
• Ugra Print Control Strip for quality assessment according to ISO 12647-3, V2.0

The Evaluation of UPPCT
The UPPCT software is available for Mac and PC. The software can be used with a X-Rite i1 Pro, Colorvision Datacolor 1005 or a X-Rite Pulse. The measured values are evaluated directly in UPPCT.

The reference, like e.g. ISOcoated_v2 (FOGRA39) can be selected in the tab «Evaluation». In this tab a short summary and information about the printing standard are displayed.


For aim values the following print standards are present:
• All characterisation data from FOGRA 27 to FOGRA 47
• Gracol 2006_Coated1
• SWOP 2006_Coated3
• SWOP 2006_Coated5

Fogra numbers cover the more popular terms ISOcoatedv2, ISOuncoated, PSO uncoated, and PSO LEW standard and Improved and many more.

Altogether three different evaluations can be displayed:
• according to ISO 12647-2 ISO 12647-3 for print
• according to ISO 12647-7 for proofs
• according to Ugra Proof sepcification

Apart from the pure measurement and evaluation UPPCT accomplishes a judgement of the results. This judgement takes place according to an Ugra own color perception formula. If a proof obtains a judgement (score) of above 93% it is certified and leads to a nearly perfect proof-print-match.


The tone value increase can be displayed for each color in the tab «TVI». Information about the printing standard and the reference are likewise displayed. The tone values increase is evaluated with each measured wedge. A 10-step-wedge certainly provides better results than wedges with less patches.

Thus the suitable software is available for the evaluation of the VPR (VisualPRINT Reference). It is also used for the Ugra PSO Certification evalutaion of proofs and print results.


The tab «Report» shows the summary of the measurements and detailed results such as CMYK tolerances, CIELAB tolerances, measured CIELAB values, ΔE*- and ΔH-values for each measured patch individually. Optionally the TVI can be integrated into the report and stored as PDF-file.


 A label can be printed as well, which can be stuck on the proof or the print. 

Data can be exported and imported. With the export data (spectral values, CIELAB values, TVI values) further evaluations can be made in other software applications shold this be required. Thus house standards can be imported as aim value and the tool can be used for print house qualitycontrol regardles of whether a printer prints according to PSO standards.

Sale of the Software

The software is available on an USB stick. We offer different bundles:
• UPPCT with XRite i1Pro, Ugra/Fogra Media Wedge CMYK V3.0 and DYMO Label Writer
• UPPCT with XRite i1Pro
• UPPCT with Ugra/Fogra Media Wedge CMYK V3.0
• UPPCT with DYMO Label Writer

The software is available as demo version, which can be tested during one month free of charge.

Please contact Thomas Holm ( for demo.