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PrintControl Pro

The significance of process control in the graphic arts industry has grown substantially. Only with a reliably controlled process it is possible to produce the necessary quality and achieve high profitability. The establishment of international standards, such as the ISO 12647-2:2007 standard, promotes good process control. …


RapidCheck 6-SPOT-COLOR

Proofs are produced as an inexpensive way of giving the customer a preliminary impression of what the colors will look like in the subsequent print product. To rule out problems with the proof, there are proof verification tools like

Visual Print Reference

VIsual Print reference

Dette er det ultimative reference tryk til proces kontrol af offset efter ISO 12647-2 på coated offset eller uncoated offset (papirtype 2+4).


Test Pages for Process Control in the Printing Industry

The Visual Print Reference consists of RGB-, CMYK-data and reference prints on 8 test pages with selected images, in order to monitor the entire print workflow from the RGB-data to the standardized print according to ISO 12647-2 or ISO 12647-3.