Trykkontrol | Styr din trykmaskine ind efter ISO 12647 eller anden standard

PrintControl Pro

The significance of process control in the graphic arts industry has grown substantially. Only with a reliably controlled process it is possible to produce the necessary quality and achieve high profitability. The establishment of international standards, such as the ISO 12647-2:2007 standard, promotes good process control. The ISO standard defines the necessary parameters to ensure that a reliable match between proof and print is possible. Since conforming with these guidelines in daily work is not exactly child’s play, there is a need for low-cost software tools that enable the printer to comply with these parameters.

Tucanna's PrintControl makes it far easier to adhere to the guidelines. PrintControl Pro – an easy-to-use software – illustrates the complete printing process for the printer. A detailed numeric and graphic analysis supports the printer’s work. The graphic representation of key parameters simplifies process control on the press and in plate making. This ultimately enables the printer to guarantee a standardized printing process with predictable printing results.

Supported standards

PrintControl automatically installs the parameters of standards ISO 12647-2:2007 and ISO 12647-3. However, users can also create their own in-house standards. This is a particularly attractive option when dealing with printing conditions that are not yet covered by international standards.

The main functions in detail

Colorimetric determination of optimum density 

The inking series can be analyzed and evaluated very easily in order to get as close as possible to the target values of ISO 12647-2:2007.

CtP correction curves and Tone Value Increase

The dotgain/plate check section allows the user to measure the plates and print to make sure that the values set in the CTP RIP are the actual images on the plate. The TVI is measured, and the resulting print characteristic curve is presented in a graph, including upper and lower limits. CTP compensation curves are calculated automatically. 

Check of primary and secondary colors

An easy-to-read screen displays any color deviations occurring in the primary and secondary colors compared to ISO or in-house standard values.

Analysis of the gray balance

PrintControl displays the deviations of the gray balance in quarter, half and three-quarter tones.

Target groups

PrintControl is one of the standard work tools of any printshop that uses printing methods like sheet-fed offset, web offset, newspaper printing, flexographic printing, etc. and has corresponding four-color printing presses.