Rapid Check - kontroller om tryk er fremstillet korrekt


RapidCheck 6-SPOT-COLOR

Proofs are produced as an inexpensive way of giving the customer a preliminary impression of what the colors will look like in the subsequent print product. To rule out problems with the proof, there are proof verification tools like GMG ProofControl, which establishes beyond doubt and in a matter of seconds whether the proof is within the specified tolerances. The printer then knows for sure that he has a reproducible proof. If he then also knew that his press was operating within the defined tolerances, there would be nothing else to stand in the way of reliable production. 

The tool he needs for this purpose is GMG RapidCheck. After all, only with a standardized printing process can predictable results be produced.

Support of various standards

RapidCheck is a solution that examines whether all printing parameters comply with standards ISO 12647-2:2007 and 12647-3 or user defined in-house standards. A single measuring procedure is all it takes to acquire the relevant data, analyze them and present them in graph form. In the event of deviations from the specified tolerances, the printer can then quickly make the necessary corrections on the press and thus ensure compliance with the selected printing standard. 

The main functions in detail


The density of the four process colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black is displayed.

Tone Value Increase

The colors are displayed individually, and there is additionally a display of the four process colors when printed in combination in order to check “spread”.


Trapping is displayed with the help of easy-to-interpret bar charts for the colors Cyan + Magenta, Cyan + Yellow, and Magenta + Yellow.

Gamut Different displays permit colorimetric analysis of:

- the color space – reference color space in comparisonwith the measured color space

- the primary colors (C, M, Y, K) and the secondary colors (R, G, B) – absolute deviation from the target value and its direction

- the paper color – deviation from the standard.

Grey balance

Any color deviation present is displayed in three-dimensional form: the absolute deviation from the target value, and the direction of the deviation, both in hue as well as in lightness. The values determined can be exported and further processed in PrintControl Pro, e.g. in order to generate a new CtP curve.

Target groups

RapidCheck is one of the standard work tools of any printshop that uses printing methods like sheet-fed offset, web offset, newspaper printing, flexographic printing, etc. and has corresponding four-color printing presses. Also for print buyers like editorials, ad agencies, and others it is a very helpful tool.