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Visual Print Reference

Dette er det ultimative reference tryk til proces kontrol af offset efter ISO 12647-2 på coated offset eller uncoated offset (papirtype 2+4).


Test Pages for Process Control in the Printing Industry

The Visual Print Reference consists of RGB-, CMYK-data and reference prints on 8 test pages with selected images, in order to monitor the entire print workflow from the RGB-data to the standardized print according to ISO 12647-2 or ISO 12647-3.

VIsual Print reference

VSD (Association of the Swiss Printing Industry) established together with Ugra, P/B/U Beratungs AG and specialists from the technical committee PPS new test pages to quality control the entire printing process. The goal of these test pages is to control the production chain starting from the monitor, the proof output, the plate exposure up to the printing according to ISO 12647-2. The «Visual Print Reference» permits efficient control for all process steps.

Update 2009 Visual Print Reference V2.2

As the first visual control tool, the "Visual Print Reference" provides en efficient evaluation for all process steps. "Visual Print Reference" are test pages, which are developed in particularly selected images, which point printing fluctuations and problems very fast. The advantage of these test pages is particularly in the visual evaluation of all production equipment used in the process. For metrological evaluation, measuring elements (Ugra/Fogra Media Wedge CMYK V3.0 and ECI TVI10 strip) are integrated i all eight test pages. The "Visual Print Reference" secures the quality toward customers and suppliers for better as well as efficient printing results. The "tool" for the process control in graphic arts industry. The "Visual Print Reference" offers more security within all process ranges and enables thus to optimize the costs.

First Reference Prints with the Ugra/Fogra Media Wedge V3.0

The "Visual Print Reference" is based on the current ISO standard 12647-2 and the current eciRGB_V2 profiles. The reference prints of the "Visual Print Reference" are produced on paper type 2 and 4 with commercially available papers and printing inks. With these test pages you are able to control the entire process from the monitor calibration to the proof to the print visually according to ISO 12647-2.

Scope of Delivery "Visual Print Reference"

With the «Visual Print Reference» you obtain a current and extensive test set consisting of:

Reference prints of the eight test pages printed according to ISO 12647-2 on one standard paper of paper type 2 and two papers of paper type 4.

A CD-ROM with 8 test pages in RGB, 8 test pages in CMYK with the current profiles ISOcoated, ISOuncoated, PSOuncoated ISO 12647, PSO LWC Improved and PSO LWC standard as well as the control wedges for the evaluation of the test pages for the color spaces and the TVI.

Information about the usage in the printing company with the approriate data to the image charaterizations, the ISO 12647-2, the PDF/X-3-standard as well as the current measuring techniques.


A CD-ROM "Newspaper" with 8 test pages in RGB, 8 test pages in CMYK with the current profiles ISOnewspaper26v4 in broad sheet- and tabloid format. 

Test Pages for ISO 12647-3 (Newspaper Printing)

For the newspaper printing the test pages are available in the broad sheet and in the tabloid format. The reference printings are available on different papers.