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X-Rite Spectralight III


Spectralight IIIThe SpectraLight III Viewing Booth lets you spot color differences before your customers do. SpectraLight III is so precise, that its the worlds most accurate simulation of natural daylight... next to the sun! More leading companies and international standards committees specify SpectraLight III. You can rely on SpectraLight III for color confidence in every color evaluation anywhere SpectraLight III is used.

SpectraLight III uses a patented filtered tungsten halogen daylight source.That means it contains an even balance of color energy just like natural daylight. The more even the balance of color energy, the more accurately the light source renders color. This color energy is shown in a spectral power distribution curve (SPD). If your light source doesnt match the SPD curve for natural daylight, then your ability to evaluate color is skewed. That means you could be approving color that your customers will reject and vice versa!

Who uses SpectraLight?

SpectraLight III is used by major automakers, top retail and apparel brands, consumer and business electronics manufacturers and their global supply chains. Companies depend on SpectraLight III to deliver assurance that their products will go to market with color uniformity. 

Six programmable light sources for hands-free viewing:
Daylight (D50, D65, or D75)
Horizon (SpectraLight exclusive)
Fluorescent (TL84 or U30)
Incandescent (a typical light bulb)
UV Ultraviolet Bulb
UV 5X - Five times the intensity of the sun for detecting optical brightening and fluorescent whitening agents 
UV blended with daylight - Lower intensity simulates natural sunlight for a more accurate simulation of the affects of whitening agents
Spacious interior
User-adjustable color temperature
SmartLogic extends lamp life
Elapsed time meter indicates lamp replacement
Meets or exceeds all major international standards
ASTM D1729, ISO 3664, SAE J361, DIN, ANSI & BSI