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ColorGATE Modules

ColorGATE ProofGATE module

Proofgate module

Proofgate Module PGM

ProofGATE modulet tilføjer den fulde suite af Proofgate 6 funktionalitet til Productionserver 6 blandt andet følgende features:

Certificeret prøvetryk op imod ISO 12647-7 og referenceværdier baseret på Fogra 39 dataset (ISO coated v2) for alle internationale etablerede filformater.

Proofgate modulet kan frit kombineres med FilmGATE module FGM, Photogate module PHGM og Plategate Module PLGM.

UGRA/FOGRA media wedge
Ugra/Fogra mediewedge v3 kan prites sammen med prøvetrykket, og kilen kan frit positioneres fra version 6.31.

Kontrol Strip Verificering
Separate ICC profiler kan bruges som reference for at evaluere kontrol kilen. Alt prøvetryksrelevant information, print tid og dato samt opmålings tid logges. Evalueringen kan printes som en label på eks. en Dymo labelprinter (ikke inkluderet).

IDEAlliance Control Strip 2009
IDEAlliance controlstrip 2009 kan printes med prøvetrykket.

Fleksibel placering af kontrol kiler
Fri kontrol kilens placering rundt om jobbet, flere kiler samt spejlvendt output er muligt.

ColorGATE Photogate module


Photogate Module PHGM

The Photogate Module PHGM adds the complete range of Photogate 7 functions to Productionserver 6 to offer the following additional features:

16-bit rendering for the output of photo and art prints as well as FineArt reproduc-tions in highest quality

Functions for neutral grayscale images, individual effect shading and color adjustment to compensate for ambient light

Additional functions to define cut marks and frame thickness for canvas frame pro-duction and automatic scaling to the frame size selected

Photogate Module PHGM can be freely combined with Filmgate Module FGM, Plategate Module PLGM and Proofgate Module PGM.

Contact sheets

Automatic generation of image overviews (series)

Color conversion

For sepia effects or similar

Ambient light

Print output with color compensation to the ambient light

ColorGATE Color Server module

color server

Color Server CSM

Print file conversion into a different color space. The CSM can be optionally combined with PDF FLAT, PDF STRUCTURED, Rasterfile or TIFF output drivers. The Colorserver workflow includes several DeviceLink features for keeping separations, minimize ink consumption, black generation, black handling, keeping pure colors for primary and secondary colors as well as duplex or triplex files.

ColorGATE Color Copier module

Color copier

Color Copier COCM

Component of the innovative ColorGATE Color Copier technology to use the RIP software Productionserver 6 on all toner-based PostScript capable color copier systems (Printer Driver Color Copier required). Included in the Productionserver 6 Color Copier Edition and in the Productionserver 6 Color Copier Set.

Device handled multi copy function

Device handled creation of multi copies. The RIP transfers the parameters to the device controller.

ColorGATE Quality Assurance Manager module

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance QAM

Allows printing, measuring and evaluation of a control wedge for checking/looging the consistent output of correct colors compared to a reference system. This evaluation can also be output as a label for the Dymo Label Writer. Direct connection to MDS technology for re-calibration.

IDEAlliance Control Strip 2009

The IDEAlliance Control Strip can be printed with the production jobs and measured and evaluated with Quality Assurance QAM.

Flexible placability of media wedges

Free control wedge arrangement around the job, multiple output and mirrored output.

ColorGATE DeviceLink Profiler module

Device Link Profiler

Device Link Profiler DLPFM

Iterative optimization of the color transformation from a source to a target color space saved in a DeviceLink profile; aim is to achieve a minimal color deviation (Delta E) that depends on the measuring device and the visual impression.

ColorGATE InkSaving Module

Ink saver

Ink Saver for large format printing

Ink Saver is an exclusive ColorGATE innovation for output management and can reduce ink costs by up to 30 percent. Ink Saver technology uses special DeviceLink profiles to optimize color composition; this technology reduces the CMY portions in the motif and replaces them with a greater proportion of black; this significantly reduces the overall quantity of ink used, which also reduces the costs. Other advantages include a stabilization of the printing process, improved grey balance, and shorter drying times. Ink Saver is available for CMYK and light-color halftone printing systems; RGB, multicolor and Contone systems (Canon PB, EPSON HTM, HP Contone) are not supported. Ink Saver can be added to your system as needed at any time; for each printer one Ink Saver of the corresponding category is required.

ColorGATE Software opdatering & Support aftale

Value Pack

Value Packs

The new ColorGATE Value Packs afford a guarantee of investment and planning – with an additional attractive price advantage. The Value Packs 3 / 5 was especially created for institutional users (administration, private-public partnerships etc.) as a matter of course they are available for all of the customers.

The price for the Value Pack is calculated using the total value of all ColorGATE software bought prior to the time of conclusion of the Software Maintenance Agreement. Therefore, the total of the contract charge will have to be checked and agreed on by ColorGATE.

Value Pack Standard

Scope of consulting services: All updates (Version A.x to A.y) and upgrades (Version A.x to B.x) free of charge within the contract term; Web Support free of charge; depending on the total value of the ColorGATE software at least 4 Trouble-Tickets/year are free of charge (Hotline/Remote support, each with 15 min). The minimum contract term is 1 year and will be extended for another contract year if it is not terminated three months before the expiry. Annual contract fee is 20% from the licensed total configuration and will increase according to stipulation (extensions, system components). This includes all previously bought ColorGATE software and components added during the term of the software maintenance agreement.

ColorGATE Linearisation Assistant

Linearization Assistant

Linearization assistant

Spectral meter based assistant for creation of printer- and media-specific linearizations; various additional functions.

MIM settings

Automatic integration of linearizations in an MIM (Media-Ink-Metamode) combination.

Color transfer

Definition of the transition areas from light to full-tone colors.


Manual linearization for advanced correction of ink quantities that are too high or too low.


Selection of an appropriate target document for the measurement device.

Media white point

Definition of the media white point by input of a Lab value.

Measuring data

The measurement device is controlled via the software. Measurement data can be saved.

Measuring data preview

Preview of the measured data per channel (density/lab).

Full color

Definition of the full color tone Automatic / manual. Optionally based on density auf Dichte (ISO-A, ISO-E, ISO-T) oder Chroma (Lightness for Black).


Graphical illustration of measured density, chroma and lightness values per channel.

ColorGATE Media Device Syncronization

Media Device syncronisation

Media Device Synchronization

Fine adjustment of identical printers for deviations caused by systems or environments based on a profile that considers the whole gamut of process colors.

Iterative calibration

Creation of a media default target for system calibration to the media default of the original MIM combination. Display of the calibration results in number of optimized patches and delta E differences.

ColorGATE MultiColor ICC Engine

MultiColor ICC Engine

Support for mulitcolor ICC profiles with up to 15 color channels

ProofGATE Profiler modulePFM


Profiler PFM

Comfortable, assistant-guided creation of professional ICC profiles.

Target selection

Supported targets based on measurement device selelction and print mode: ColorGATE CMYK and RGB, ECI2002, IT8-7.3, IT8-7.4.

Profile Settings

Definition of black generation (GCR, UCR, Black Start, Black Width), black point (Black Point mode, Black Max, Total Ink) and neutral or color boost gamut mapping.

ColorGATE Express Profiler

Express Profiler

Express Profiler EPFM

Accelerated creation of ICC profiles that are based on existing profiles. Functions to create and adapt printer setups to existing MIM combinations. Only one target needs to be printed and measured.

Profile Settings

Definition of black generation (GCR, UCR, Black Start, Black Width), black point (Black Point mode, Black Max, Total Ink) and neutral or color boost gamut mapping.

ColorGATE Multicolor Profiler MCPFM

Multicolor Profiler

Multicolor Profiler MCPFM

An assistant-guided creation of ICC profiless which support additional color channels like CMYK O(range)/G(reen) or CMYK R(ed)/B(lue). Profiler PFM is required.

Target selection

Supported targets based on measurement device selelction and print mode: ColorGATE CMYK and additional channels like orange, green, violett, blue, red, etc.

Profile Settings

Definition of black generation (GCR, UCR, Black Start, Black Width), black point (Black Point mode, Black Max, Total Ink) and neutral or color boost gamut mapping.

ColorGATE Reference Profiler RPFM

Reference Profiler

Reference Profiler RPFM

Creation of ICC profiles for output devices, which cannot be controlled directly by ColorGATE software. Profile usage in ColorServer or external software or as simulation profile in proofing workflows.

ColorGATE Cost Calculation CCM

Cost CalculationColorGATE Cost Calculation CCM

Allows to pre-calculate the real print costs in a print system and to prepare a report for a comprehensible cost overview (HTML/CSV). This includes material costs and possible additonal charges. The calculation is based on freely definable media and ink prices and on preset or adjustable droplet sizes. All calculation parameters are connected with the installed MIM combinations.

ColorGATE JDF Interface

JDF Interface

JDF Interface JDFM

Interface according to the industry standard JDF V.1.1 for integration into workflow systems. Allows external systems to control the most important job parameters and supplies feedback on the production process. Data exchange via hotfolder.

ColorGATE Print and Cut

Print and Cut

Print and Cut PCM

PCM - efficient contour cut, precise finishing: POP displays to industrial applications: The Print and Cut Module PCM for Productionserver 6 is the optimal solution for cutting, routing and finishing materials like wood, plastic, synthetics, leather and textile.

PCM allows to separate the cut paths from the print data and to generate synchronization marks for automated positioning detection and adjustment at the finishing production.

PCM supports Graphtec - Mimaki - Mutoh - SummaSign cutting plotters. To control digital cutting tables manufactured by Aristo - MultiCam - Kongsberg - Zünd (Touch and Cut, Zünd Cut Center) with the Print and Cut Module ColorGATE offers hardware-specific drivers.

Multiple cut path support

Sets of device parameters can be configured so that e.g. kiss-cutting or through-cutting purposes in the same job can be achieved.

Rotate job data

Rotate job data by 180 degress to simplify roll-to-roll print and cut workflows. Cut data rotation in 90 degree steps for cutting tables.

ColorGATE Container module



Creation of collective print jobs; including various additional functions.

Auto arrange

Optimized job arrangement

Free placement

Optional arrangement via drag & drop or via entering coordinates.

Job duplication / duplicate approval

Creation and managing of job duplicates

Job properties

Changes to the job properties


Option for placement/output of jobs above/below one another, for instance to integrate logos.

Magnetic edges

Magnetic guide lines and object edges

Copy and layout print

Freely definable copy printing

Multipage container

Output of multipage PDF and PostScript files

Tiling container

Container generation in outputting segmented jobs

Printmode check

Print mode check

Container size

Definition of container size; including cut marks and indication of protected margins.

Hot Container

Automatic generation of a container from jobs that are imported via a hotfolder.

Freely definable scaling



Completion and automatic printing after the predefinition (container length; time limit).

ColorGATE Tiling



Freely definable segmentation of the job with overlapping for printing oversized jobs. Settings can be saved. Printing of crop and overlapping marks. Changes are accepted without re-ripping.

Tiling assistant

Optional automatic creation of equally sized segments.

Split tiles

Optional splitting of segmented jobs into single jobs.

Blank overlapping areas

Trim areas for every segment of a tiled job.

ColorGATE ColorReplacement

color replacement

Color replacement

Color replacement with direct measurement device integration for any input colors or color ranges (RGB, CMYK, spot) via CMYK and L*a*b*. Selectively applicable for vectors and raster/bitmap data and text, Pantone® and color replacement tables are supported.

Delta-E indicator

Lab color model display of color differences between entered/measured color and printable color in Delta-E which is based on selected output.

Color picker

Selected color values can be picked up and created as new color replacement entry.

Lab color panel

Replacement color can be picked up from a L*a*b* color panel.

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