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Elpical - Claro Single (For Switch and cli)

Caro single

Claro Single (with Enfocus Switch configurator)

Claro Single is a giant leap beyond other automatic image enhancement tools which only apply one set of filters or algorithms to every image they receive. Claro Single individually analyzes each image for such parameters as sharpness, brightness, contrast, color balance, saturation, natural greens, skin tones, Exif information and much more. Claro then individually enhances the JPG, TIFF, BMP, (Photoshop®) EPS, PSD or DCS-RAW images for consistently high-quality results based on their particular requirements. For example, the type of sharpening applied will depend on sharpness and noise levels in the original, ensuring crisp images every time with no more over-sharpened edges. 
Claro Single offers the ground-breaking ability to automatically enhance, resample and color convert images using intelligent ICC color conversions and profile assignment/embedding. It can also make local contrast enhancements that respect overall image brightness and even processimages inside a PDF - all features which add up to make it an indispensable cornerstone of your print or web-based workflow.

During the installation and integration phase, all automatic image enhancement features are easily set up with straightforward interactive settings.

Integrate Claro Single into an Enfocus SWITCH® or Puzzleflow® workflow and you have a multi-processing, server-based alternative to Photoshop®. The XML jobfile support capabilities of Claro Single allow easy integration into existing workflows of publishing, printing, and online communication companies . Unleash the power of Elpical Claro technology in your workflow with Claro Single to boost image quality and productivity.


  • Provide consistently high-quality image enhancements across varied individual images
  • Save massive amounts of time on producing image-specific enhancements
  • Process with confidence, knowing Claro Single will only enhance images where needed, perform in-file PDF image enhancement, as well as image output with correct ICC profiling.
  • Seamless integration into existing workflows with minimal set-up (Enfocus SWITCH and Puzzleflow)

Key Features


  • Claro Individual Image Analysis (CIIA) for automated image enhancement based on each image’s specific requirements
  • Consistent image enhancements across a wide range of image types (TIFF, JPEG, DCS-RAW, Photoshop EPS, PSD, BMP, etc.)
  • File output support for TIFF, JPEG, EPS, PSD (including original layers, compatibility layer and processed layer)
  • Multi-platform availability
  • Up to 4 parallel image-processing threads for maximum performance and multi-processor capability
  • XML job file support for easy integration into existing workflows
  • High level memory management

Image manipulation

  • Images inside PDF files can be enhanced, resampled and color converted
  • ICC based color conversions and profile assignment & embedding
  • Device link profile conversions
  • Influence rendering intent based on out-of-gamut percentage
  • Resampling and resizing of images
  • Grayscale conversion
  • Add processing data in the XMP data of the processed file

Image optimization

  • Local contrast enhancement of image details with respect for overall image brightness
  • Superior control over and dynamic optimization of sharpness, brightness, saturation, noise, black point/white point, and color balance


  • Fully integrates into workflows (Enfocus SWITCH and Puzzleflow)
  • Embed processing information into XMP

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