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PS Printer


Nowadays it is no longer sufficient to only print in colours with digital output devices. The steadily growing demands with regard to colour quality meanwhile doesn't leave any margin.

The PS printer module of Print Production Server convinces because of its strikingly easy handling and takes care of a reproducible colour behaviour of the system used, independent of the digital printer model by Canon, Konika-Minolta, Xerox or any other manufacturer. This module of Print Production Server gives the chance to fast and easily calibrate and profile digital printing systems being equipped with an internal or external PostScript RIP.

A good many provider quickly will reach the limit of possiblities as soon as it is necessary that several systems of different manufacturers should provide similar results. Using conventional tools it was hardly possible to output e.g. one print edition on different machines without visual difference.

The PS printer module of Print Production Server will resolve this problem fast and easily - calbrate the system, generate a profile and yet the true quality possibilities of a digital output device comes to daylight and even reaches offset print results.

The PS module doesn't only deliver perfect colours, but also comes with useful functions like e.g. additional output of a control wedge and document information, reducing and enlarging as well as centered output.

It is the persuading and yet that easy to use colour management system of Print Production Server which enables to adapt systems to each other by using Device Link Profiles.