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GMG - InkOptimizer Sheetfed Offset Edition


Printers are facing a constant increase in the pressure ofcosts and deadlines, and there are no signs of a significant change in this situation in the future. Consequently, tools that automate the workflow, stabilize and thus improve the printing properties, and result in cost savings are important solutions for print providers in their efforts to remain competitive in the marketplace. GMG

InkOptimizer Sheet Fed Offset meets precisely these requirements.

Target groups

Mediumsized to large sheetfed offset printing businesses.

Your advantages at a glance

GMG InkOptimizer is a software solution for fully automatic ink reduction. Using sophisticated ink reduction algorithms, a DeviceLink transformation (CMYK-to-CMYK) is applied to individual images or complete pages. Particular mention should be made of the fact that – in contrast to ICC solutions – the integrity of the black channel is preserved in the process. The quantity of CMY inks used is reduced, and the proportion

of black ink simultaneously increased, while maintaining an identical color impression. No difference can be determined be

tween the two images, either visually or colorimetrically. However, the individual color separations differ distinctly.

Solution is easy to install and operate

When implementing GMG InkOptimizer in printshops working on the basis of international standards, it has been found that GMG InkOptimizer Sheet Fed can very easily be implemented in an existing workflow. Outstanding

results are obtained without timeconsuming and costly proofing. The solution also proves to be very easy to operate in day-to-day work. The user only has to deal with a few menu windows. The only settings to be made are the data formats to be processed and the ink reduction profile to be used. These settings are assigned to a hot folder. If different data formats, ink reduction

profiles or target color spaces are used, multiple hot folders are created with the appropriate settings.

Improved printing properties

One essential advantage of GMG InkOptimizer Sheet Fed is stabilization of the printing process. Harmonization of the separations makes it easier to set the press to the correct color result with the help of the ink controls on the

press. This is due to the fact that the GMG InkOptimizer profiles intervene exactly where the human eye reacts most sensitively – in the grey balance. The more stable Improved printing properties due to automatic ink reduction

grey balance achieves consistent color behavior in the grey areas and in the tertiary colors, such as brown and olive shades. The smaller color variations during printing lead to simpler and more stable production printing, and

thus to higher quality.

Quality enhancement

The quality of the printed product is enhanced in that

• The separations are harmonized

• Color variations are reduced

• Repeat jobs can be reproduced better

• Incorrect GCR/UCR settings are corrected

• The contrast and the image definition in the shadows are improved

Time savings

Ink-optimized print jobs permit faster and more intuitive makeready, because less attention has to be paid to the grey and tertiary range owing to the neutral range remaining largely stable. In addition, the lower level of

ink application reduces the risk of offsetting, less powder is needed, and the drying time is shorter.

Cost savings

Ultimately, all the above points lead to cost savings and thus to greater efficiency. The major cost-saving elements are less waste – resulting from the fact that it takes less time to get the right colors on the press - a shorter

makeready time, and thus longer production time. Given this potential for savings, GMG InkOptimizer pays for itself after just a short time.

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